So you have settled on the goal for your short break this year, and you have gone to Copenhagen in Denmark, Scandinavia. Here are a couple of thoughts on what to do and where to go, and what kind of burning through cash you will require to have a decent time. The primary thing you have to do, is discover some place to remain. When I went, I remained outside of the city - it's considerably less expensive and you show signs of improvement convenience for your cash. Once there, you locate general society transport framework is fantastic - spotless, dependable and moderately modest. I picked a beautiful overnight boardinghouse inn around 10 miles outside the city in a place called Glostrup. A wonderful little town, with shops and an exceptionally decent Scandinavian church, simply 30 minutes via prepare to the city and a pleasant unwinding spot to return to following an entire outing in the city.


Before you go you should spare a lot of burning through cash. Copenhagen is particularly more costly than the UK. When I was there, a fast food dinner from the typical place was around ?7 in contrast with just shy of ?4 here. For a half quart of lager, hope to pay over ?5 and for a dinner at a mid range eatery (for example the Rock Cafe) hope to pay around ?45 per individual. In the event that it's self providing food you are doing then you will discover most basic supplies are around the same as they are in the UK except for bread (around 3 times the cost) and wine which is about ?7 a container. Brew from a market, in any case, will cost a fifth of the bar cost in the city, and cigarettes are about ?3 a pack less expensive. It's unusual how things function in various nations, however in Copenhagen you will profit in some ways, yet miss out on the off chance that you need to eat and drink in eateries each night. Go to to know more. 


So what is there to do in Copenhagen? Copenhagen is a wonderful city, that can take 4 days to investigate all alone. It is perfect, the general population are cordial and there are all way of stores, historical centers, exhibitions, design, and intriguing things to see to keep even the most fervent voyager cheerful and asking for additional. The city's prepare station in itself is an astounding spot, yet once outside you have such a great amount to see and do. Click here to know more

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